20 Cy-Woods High school student participated in the the Elsik HS Debate Tournament on Sept 16-17, 2016.

Public Forum

Tvisha Malik & Eileene Lee – semifinals

Justin Parappuram and Blake Moya- Quarter finals

Lincoln Douglas

Yohan Wang- octafinals


Justin Parappuram- Semifinals


Kudos to all kids for their participation.

PF: Hannah Bertinot & Brandon Cheung; Brandon Lubojacky & Sean Oleary

LD: Alisha Swadi, Ryan Oleary

Greenhill National Invitationals for Lincoln Douglas:Congratulations Lucas Clarke for being invited to the prestigious Greenhill Round Robin and representing CyWoods well.

Lucas Clarke and Chakra Jonnalagodda competed in the LD division of the Greenhill Tournament.  Lucas Clarke went into the Octafinals and received the bid to the TOC.

Congrats team!!


Cy-Woods debate team participated in the 28th Annual Grapevine Classic TFA and TOC qualifier on September 9-10, 2016  at Grapevine High School.

Public Forum debate:

Tvisha Malik and Eileene Lee made it to the Octofinal rounds and got a bid to the Silver tournament of Champions.

Lincoln Douglas debate:

Chakra Jonnalagadda and Lucas Clark made it to the Octofinal rounds.

Congratulations to all winners, participants and Coach- Tvisha Malik, Eileene Lee, Chakra Joannalagadda, Lucas Clark, Sean Oleary, Brandon Lubojacky and Yohan Wang.


Reminder:  The Wildcat Classic Planning Meeting will be held on Monday, Sept 14 @ 6:30 p.m. in Coach A’s Room (#2702).

Please come help us make this year’s host tournament a success.  This is our MAJOR fundraiser of the year.  Just think after Sept. 27th, the bulk of our fundraising will be done – and you didn’t have to buy a coupon book, wrapping paper or cookies!





Sign up for chili and baked goods at  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0549ada62fa2fa7-wildcat

Would you like to be a part of what makes the Wildcat Forensics team one of the most successful speech and debate teams in the district?  Would you like to support the team members and incoming coach?  If so, please consider joining the Cy-Woods Forensics Booster Club’s Executive Board for the 2015-2016 school year.

Working with all the speech and debate parents, the five-member Booster Club Board hosts the Big Cat Classic Tournament during the last weekend of September.  The booster club manages the judge hospitality room, student concession sales and volunteer judge recruitment.  The next biggest endeavor is the team Garage Sale (usually the first weekend in November).  At the garage sale, the board works with students to take in donations, set up for the sale and works during the garage sale.  The board also works with the team student leadership and coach to host the end-of-year banquet, to plan tournament activities and to support the summer debate camp.

All board members work together, but here are some general duties for each Board position:

  • President – Coordinates Big Cat Classic, events and runs board meetings. Manages communication with coach and parents.  Informs parents of tournament dates, student participation and tournament results.
  • Treasurer – Accounts for all monies collected. Pays all invoices. Files tax reports and required school district reports.
  • Secretary – Keeps minutes at meetings. Handles board correspondence.
  • VP Fundraising – Collects donations and raises money for Big Cat Classic. Supervises garage sale.
  • VP Volunteers – Lines up judges for Big Cat Classic and volunteers for garage sale.

If you have any questions about being on the board, please contact one of the current board members:

In order to have a successful year, the team NEEDS a strong Booster Club!  If you are interested in serving on the 2015-16 Executive Board, please send an email to Angela Goodwin (goodwin-family@entouch.net) by April 21st.



Congratulations to Byria Hamblin, Sal Sandoval, Natasha Stewart, Joseph Dieciedue, Joshua Goodwin, Justin Vineyard and Conner Fiedler on qualifying for the 2015 Texas Forensic Association’s (TFA) Annual State Tournament.

Over 1,500 students from all five TFA regions attend the tournament each year. To qualify, students must earn at least 12 points in at least one TFA event. Additionally, qualifiers in speech, debate and performance events are eligible for college scholarships. Each year, the tournament is hosted by one of the five TFA regions. The hosts of this year’s tournament are Franklin High School and Coronado High School in El Paso.

Our Wildcat debate students will be traveling to El Paso on Wednesday, Mar. 4th with the other qualifying speech and debate students from across the district.  The tournament runs March 5-7th.

GOOD LUCK Wildcats!

While it may seem early, many students are already registering for summer debate campsThere are a lot of Wildcat Forensics team members who attend debate camps each summer. It is a significant reason for the team’s success over the years. At these camps, students learn and practice the key elements of competitive debate with renowned instructors and experienced lab coaches.

CFISD has a policy where Debate I students can earn Debate II credit (similar to summer school) by attending a camp sponsored by a college or university.  This allows students to advance to Debate III.  In the past, students usually have chosen this option so that they can get K credit in Debate III.  While K credit for Debate III no longer exists for freshmen, they can still earn Debate II credit though summer debate camp. It will NOT, however, get them any K credit.  Current sophomores and juniors can still get K credit for Debate III.

Below is a packet from Stacy Thomas with instructions on how to go about getting credit for Debate II.  Please note that students must get prior approval for their summer camp before attending (if they want to earn credit) through a form that is submitted by their counselor.  This prior approval form can be submitted as soon as your student has decided which camp they will attend.  It, and all forms needed, are included in the packet.

Summer Camp Credit Instructions&Forms


The Wildcat Forensics Booster Club is ordering team hoodies at the end of this month.    Any Wildcat Forensics team member who would like a hoodie may preorder one at no cost.   However, the booster club will ONLY buy hoodies for the team members who preorder by Jan. 30, 2015.   There is a preorder signup sheet in the debate room.

Show your team spirit and order your Wildcat Speech & Debate hoodie today!!